Getting Free
Ginny NiCarthy, MSW

The Batterer as Parent
Lundy Bancroft
Jay G. Silverman

Next Time, She’ll Be Dead
Ann Jones

Love, Honor, & Negotiate
Betty Carter

The Gift of Fear
Gavin DeBecker

Why Does He Do That?
Lundy Bancroft

It’s My Life Now
Meg Kennedy Dugan
Roger R. Hock

The Drama of the Gifted Child
Alice Miller

For Your Own Good
Alice Miller

Ten Principles of Spiritual Parenting
Mimi Doe
Marsha Walsh

Growing Free
Wendy Susan Deaton, MA, MFT
Michael Hertica, MS, MFT

I Never Called it Rape
Robin Warshaw

Books for Children

Brave Bart: A Book for Traumatized and Grieving Children
Caroline H. Sheppard

Clover’s Secret
Christine M. Winn
David Walsh

Earthlight: New Meditations for Children
Maureen Garth

What Is a Feeling?
David W. Krueger, MD
Jean Whitney

A Family that Fights
Sharon Chesler Berstein

A Place for Starr
Howard Schor

A Terrible Thing Happened
Margaret M. Holmes

Something Is Wrong at My House
Diane Davis
Kieth R. Neely

Emergency Exit