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What is DELTA?

The DELTA Project promotes primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence.

When did DELTA start?

Funding for the Knox County DELTA project began in July 2003.

Who is on the DELTA Committee?

The DELTA Committee is made up of over 30 dedicated Knox County residents, including representatives of social service agencies, schools, law enforcement, clergy, community groups, and volunteers.

Who coordinates DELTA?

New Directions: The Domestic Abuse Shelter of Knox County coordinates the DELTA Project. Matt Hellman is the Executive Director of New Directions, and Corina Klies serves as the DELTA Coordinator. 

How is DELTA funded?

The Centers for Disease Control funds the DELTA project. Federal grants from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are administered through the Center for Disease Control, to the Ohio Domestic Violence Network and the Ohio Department of Health, then to Knox County.

Where are other DELTA Projects located?

Twelve states have DELTA projects. Knox County is one of two counties in Ohio to be chosen.


DELTA Values

Compassion, equality, nonviolence/pacifism, respect, safety and justice.


The DELTA Project of Knox County is committed to changing the hearts, minds, attitudes, and actions of community members so that our children will experience and model healthy, loving, nonviolent intimate partner relationships for generations to come. We will create a world where our children are supported and encouraged to identify and pursue their dreams and where they believe each day is an opportunity to begin again.

Mission Statement

The Knox County DELTA Project is committed to preventing intimate partner violence and sexual violence through a collective effort to provide safety and justice for all. We will intentionally create and support equality, compassion, and respect in relationships as we challenge the community to unite for social change.


  • To teach and model respectful, effective communication and problem-solving skills
  • To teach and model the skills required to have healthy, egalitarian, intimate relationships
  • To mobilize communities so all social systems support egalitarian relationships

How you can help

  • Join DELTA: attend monthly meetings and work on subcommittees
  • Invite a DELTA speaker to host a video/discussion session about violence, gender, and society at your church, service club, or other group
  • Help to organize a community event, such as Take Back the Night, Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil, or Teen Dating Violence Awareness  and Prevention Month
  • Provide space at your business, church, or agency for one of our community events
  • Sponsor advertising or prizes for a community event
  • Donate money to buy prevention curricula for local schools

Contact Us
The DELTA Project at  New Directions: Domestic Abuse Shelter of Knox County, Inc.
Corina Klies, Project Coordinator

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